Our services

One of our core services is so-called pentesting/penetration testing: In close consultation with the customer, we take on the role of a hacker and try to penetrate the IT systems in various ways and thus identify critical security gaps. In addition, we offer extensive training, awareness and consulting services. Our latest offering is our phishing simulation tool DegerPhish, which allows enterprises to run their own "phishing campaigns" in order to sensitize their employees to phishing attacks and IT security risks.


  • Review of corporate networks, e.g. B. server infrastructure, hardened workstations, mobile devices
  • Checking of network access protection
  • Wifi (WLAN) checks
  • Port scans and vulnerability scans
  • Testing web applications in accordance with the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide and the OWASP Top 10
  • API testing
  • Sourcecode analysis
  • Customer-specific test scenarios

IT security trainings

  • Important concepts for avoiding and closing security gaps
  • Security Awareness
  • Typical vulnerabilities in IT systems
  • Specific technologies relevant to IT security


  • Identification of possible weaknesses in IT systems and IT infrastructure
  • Concepts and measures to eliminate existing security gaps
  • Concepts for avoiding IT security issues
  • Creating security awareness in your organization


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