What are the consequences of cyber crime for enterprises??

Each year cyber crime and hacker attacks on enterprises cause billions of euros in damage. Companies from a wide range of industries and sizes are affected. The damage can take different forms, e.g.:

  • the manipulation of company websites
  • the manipulation and sabotage of internal and external IT systems
  • theft of customer, personnel or development data
  • long-term espionage
  • blackmail by so-called encryption trojans, i.e. malware that encrypts company data and promises to descript it again for a "ransom".
  • interruption of all business operations
The damage to the affected company can be enormous, even threatening its existence: companies sometimes need weeks or even months to be able to put their complete IT systems back into operation in a safe and stable condition. Theft of customer data can result in significant damage to trust and in severe financial damage. If data is deleted or made unreadable (e.g. by encryption trojans), this, aswell, can have significant negative impacts on companies and their customers, depending on the availability of usable backups.

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