How do hackers operate in their attacks?

In their attacks, hackers take advantage of various weaknesses in IT systems, IT infrastructure and in the company organization.
Typical "gateways" hackers use:

  • outdated software with known security vulnerabilities
  • previously unknown software security gaps, so-called "zero-day exploits"
  • phishing, i.e. the targeted sending of e-mails intended to trick employees into entering passwords or other sensitive data on fraudulent websites, see also our phishing awareness tool DegerPhish
  • insecure passwords
  • incorrect or incomplete configurations in IT systems and IT infrastructure
  • e-mails with malicious attachments that install trojans, viruses, and other backdoors
  • Social engineering, i.e. an attacker pretends to be a service employee and tries to gain access to sensitive data or systems in this way
  • Old accounts are not deactivated and continue to be used for improper purposes
A single vulnerability is often enough to give attackers access to the system. Once the attackers have found access, they usually quickly find ways to extend their rights in the IT systems and IT infrastructure and, in extreme cases, to take them over completely.

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